Backrooms Logs | Dreadful Encounter (Part 1)

Follow Marc, a 16-year-old student, into the deadly Backrooms.
A brand-new novel from the Backrooms realm (220+ pages).
Including 25 exclusive color-pictures and sketches from various levels and characters!

“Alex, don’t look behind us. Run!” With that, I quickened my steps and sprinted ahead.
“What?” She threw her head back and rushed after me. “Damn it!”

Noisy, electric humming woke me up. My skull hammered in rhythm with my heart. Stretched out long, I lay on a wet surface. Not asphalt. Carpet? Light stung my glued eyes as I opened them. In the ceiling, individual panels glowed at irregular intervals. From them emanated the enervating hum as well as an unsteady flicker. Tart yellow walls as if in a dingy hotel hallway. Where in the devil’s name was I here?

Marc, a 16-year-old student, finds himself in the deadly Backrooms. There, dark corridors, crazy hallucinations, devious traps and deadly creatures await him – as well as a sinister secret that turns the world he knows upside down. Left with no choice, he goes to battle against an all-powerful foe to save family and friends in his own reality.

A creepy novella based on the Backrooms creepypasta.