Backrooms Logs

Follow Marc, a 16-year-old student, into the dark backrooms. A brand-new novel series from the scary Backrooms realm.

Dark corridors, creepy hallucinations, devious traps and crazy creatures are awaiting Marc - as well as a secret that turns the world he knows upside down. Left with no choice, he goes to battle against an all-powerful foe to save family and friends in his own reality. A scary novel series based on the well-known Backrooms creepypasta.


Backrooms Logs² | Mission Core Diamond (Part 2)

(Part 2) Has the danger from the Facelings passed? Marc doesn’t trust the peace and tries to confront his father, an Async agent. When he disappears, he is once again forced into an involuntary journey into the deadly depths of the backrooms to save him and his family. But in reality, his enemies are hunting him as well. A breathless race for time and their lives begins. Is the fabled “Core Diamond” the key to their salvation?

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Backrooms Logs | Dreadful Encounter (Part 1)

A brand-new novel from the Backrooms realm. Including 25 exclusive pictures and sketches. Marc, a 16-year-old student, accidently finds himself in the deadly Backrooms. Dark corridors, Houlers, Smilers, Facelings and crazy hallucinations are awaiting him. There he discovers a sinister secret that turns the world he knows upside down.

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